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fox park fire hydrant design

Have you seen the painted fire hydrants at the Park?

Fox Park Neighborhood Association Park Committee

Mission Statement:

As part of the Neighborhood Association, the Park Committee hopes to revitalize Fox Park with features listed in the Master Plan of 2004.  As the centerpiece of our neighborhood, our park should be safe and fun for all members of our community.  We would like the park to be inviting enough to encourage residents to enjoy it often.  Involvement in the park by members of the neighborhood will help make our community safe and a fun place to live.

Fox Park Update October, 2012!

Starting Spring 2013 the city will be removing the old basketball court and installing a new basketball court in the southeast corner of the park.  The park also received a grant to put a splash pad in the open space directly behind the pavilion.

The total investment in the park will be $170,000.

The next big push will be to put in walking paths and the dog park.  Thanks for being a part of the park!

Master Plans

The FPNA Park Committee is an open organization, and we’re always looking for new members.  If you’re interested in joining, or just have questions about our group or the park please feel free to contact us.

Beth Stelmach
— Committee Chairman
Mark Groth — Committee Vice-Chair

The Master Plan was funded through the help of sustainable neighborhoods and the generous support of


Our fundraising efforts are ongoing. We are currently focusing on large corporate grants that might be available to us. If you have experience in grant writing and would like to help our efforts, please contact Beth Stelmach, Park Committee Chairman.

Please use the same contact info to make a private donation.

Images Around the Park

Fall Festival Pumpkin Carving, Fox Park, St. Louis, MO

Fall Festival Pumpkin Carving, Fox Park, St. Louis, MO

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